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Čarija, Z., Ledić, F., Sikirica, A., Niceno, B.

CFD study of the PTS experiment in ROCOM test facility
Nuclear Engineering and Technology, (2020),, (quartile Q1)


Abstract: With the aging of nuclear reactors, embrittlement of the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steel, as a consequence of routine operations, is highly probable. To ensure operational integrity and safety, prediction and mitigation of compromising damage, brought on by pressurized thermal shock (PTS) following an emergency procedure, is of utmost importance. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes can be employed to predict these events and have therefore been an acceptable method for such assessments. In this paper, CFD simulations of a density driven ECC state in the ROCOM facility are analyzed. Obtained numerical results are validated with the experimental measurements. Considerable attention is attributed to the boundary conditions and their influence, specifically outlet definitions, in order to determine and adequately replicate the non-active pumps in the facility. Consequent analyses focused on initial conditions as well as on the temporal discretization and inner iterations. Disparities due to different turbulent modelling approaches are investigated for standard RANS models. Based on observed trends for different cases, a definitive simulation setup has been established, results of which have been ultimately compared to the measurements.