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ATOS III Triple Scan is an optical 3D measuring system designed as a universal solution for various applications. The combination of 3D measurements of complete surfaces as well as individual points, ensures complete measuring and system flexibility. The accuracy, resolution and measurement range are fully customizable with respect to the requirements. Modularity of the system allows users to achieve the highest resolution for highly detailed measurement within small measurement areas (38 mm). On the other hand, system can be employed for rapid digitization of large objects with measurement ranges up to 2 m.

In conjunction with the TRITOP, ATOS III Triple Scan can achieve high local resolution even when scanning objects are larger than a few tens of meters. The ATOS measuring probe (GOM Touch Probe) combines optical and contact 3D measurements and enables rapid measurements without special preparation, even at points that are otherwise difficult to measure. Furthermore, it can be used for direct CAD geometry comparison, primitive measurements, simple individual point measurements and real-time overlaps. 3D scanning of the surface with the ATOS Optical Contactless System and tactile measurements with a measuring sensor are performed and analyzed within the same software package.

Key Features:

  • Characteristic blue light technology that reduces the impact of environmental lighting
  • Triple Scan principle of projecting and recording data that maximizes the use of the 2-camera 1-projector system
  • Large selection of measurement ranges for different applications and problem sizes
  • Can be upgraded with photogrammetric and / or automated system
  • Robust sensor design ready for use in automated production environments


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