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The optical measuring system is based on the principle of object raster procedure. It is used to measure three-dimensional shape changes and the distribution of deformations from the surface of statically or dynamically loaded or deformed objects. It is used in structural strength analysis, for material properties determination, verification and refinement of numerical calculations. It is suitable for analysis of objects made of metal, composite, rubber, wood and other materials.

Contactless and with high accuracy, ARAMIS can detect:

  • The shape of the recorded object
  • Three-dimensional displacement field
  • Strain and strain tensor field
  • Material properties

Unlike tensometers or extensometers that give only single measurement values, ARAMIS determines the distribution of deformations over the entire analyzed area, which enables a better understanding of the behavior of materials and structures.

Typical applications are:

  • Evaluation of material properties at high or low temperatures
  • Behavior of joints and two bodies in direct contact
  • Crack propagation
  • Thermal deformations
  • Deformation in material processing or welding, etc.


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