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Bura supercomputer is based on a hybrid computing architecture and includes multicomputer and multiprocessor systems. System manufacturer is Bull (part of Atos). The supercomputer consists of three major parts:

  • Cluster: The multicomputer system consists of 288 compute nodes with two Xeon E5 processors per node (24 physical cores per node). A total of 6912 processor cores are available (13824 threads). Each node has 64 GB of memory and 320 GB of disk space, respectively, while the computer nodes together have 18 TB of memory and 95 TB of disk space.
  • GPGPU: Four heterogeneous nodes with two Xeon E5 processors and two NVIDIA Tesla K40 general purpose GPUs are available.
  • SMP: A multiprocessor system with a large amount of shared memory. SMP is made up of 16 Xeon E7 processors with a total of 256 physical cores, 6 TB of memory and 245 TB of local storage. Two nodes are available.

Access to Bura is granted through two secured nodes built on the Xeon E5 architecture, which are also used to compile and install the software. The supercomputer is powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Slurm Workload Manager.

According to the list of fastest computers in the world TOP500 from November 2015, the Bura supercomputer ranked 440th with a peak performance of 287 TFlops (more information: university, computer).
In cooperation with Department of Fluid Mechanics and Computational Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, on request, interested users can be given access to a solitary GPU node with two AMD Epyc processors and four NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU’s.