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Randić, M., Pavletić, D., Turkalj, G.

Multiparametric Investigation of Welding Techniques on Toe Radius of High Strength Steel at Low-Temperature Levels Using 3D-Scanning Techniques
Metals, (2019),, (quartile Q1)


Abstract: To avoid the occurrence of surface cracks at the welds, it is important to lower the stress concentration in the zone of the weld face by an appropriate choice of parameters. A plethora of experiments was conducted varying four welding techniques. The welded samples were scanned with 3D scanners and the toe radius was measured on each sample. The significance of the obtained results was analyzed using Pareto diagrams. The experiment results analysis shows that the length of the electrode stick-out has a significant influence on the toe radius, while the shielding gas has a great effect on the toe radius. Moreover, with the analysis of results obtained by experiments it was proved that the interaction of the torch angle and the number of cover passes, as well as that of the torch angle and the shielding gas, has a significant influence on the toe radius.