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Alvir, M., Grbčić, L., Sikirica, A., Kranjčević, L.

OpenFOAM-ROMS nested model for coastal flow and outfall assessment
Ocean Engineering, (2022),, (quartile Q1)


Abstract: Knowing the behaviour and mixing of the effluent is essential to assess environmental impact, improve the design of the outfall and determine activities related to coastal management. In this study, a one-way nested OpenFOAM to ROMS model for sea flow and coastal outfalls modelling is presented. Furthermore, a methodology that combines fluid salinity and temperature into a single variable, i.e. phase, is proposed to reduce the number of equations needed to realistically model coastal outfalls. Following a rigorous grid convergence analysis, the model is validated with experimental data from previous literature and implemented on a realistic case with different flow conditions. The proposed model shows to be in acceptable agreement for all investigated examples.

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