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Kaliman, Z., Pisak, K.

Spin–orbit interaction in double ionization of helium atom via high-energy Compton scattering
The European Physical Journal Plus, (2022),, (quartile Q2)


Abstract: In this paper, we consider the spin–orbit interaction (LS) as a mechanism in the high-energy double ionization of the He-atom via Compton scattering. Our calculations of the LS mechanism are based on the relativistic correction to the Coulomb interaction of the ejected electrons in the final state. The LS interaction enables the spin-triplet final state of the electrons, which is not possible in the non-relativistic approaches. We calculate the differential cross sections and their ratios for double to single ionization in the specific geometries to demonstrate the theoretical identification of the proposed LS mechanism. We analyze the LS mechanism as a function of the energy of the incident photon and the scattering angles of the photon and the Compton electron. We also compare our results with the calculations of the previous approaches.