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Project Duration:
Project Lead:
2020 – 2022
Lado Kranjčević
631.688,23 HRK


Description: The objective of the HiPowerEd is to make available digital tools of the highest computational level to the young people (young researchers – assistants and doctoral students, graduate and undergraduate students and young professionals from industry) with the use of high performance computing (HPC) environment and cloud technology to assure the responsiveness, adaptability and flexibility of the educational system during the COVID-19 recovery process. The objective is to make the HPC technology widely available to the younger population and to the underrepresented groups because at the moment the HPC technology is a highly exclusive technology available to a smaller group of people. In order to raise European digital readiness this horizontal high tech tools should be promoted and made available to students, young scientists and professionals. Project tries to remove obstacles and to familiarize young people with the HPC technology in a broad range of scientific disciplines (STEM, humanistic, medical, economy…), catalyze the formation of networks, provide mentoring through faculty members and supercomputing experts from renowned HPC centers, and to facilitate international exchange and open further carrier options.

Algebra University
Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka
Technical University of Denmark
Technical University of Munich
University of Rijeka
University of Trieste